Kiss Me On the Inside 2 (Urban Books)


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Keisha could never have predicted her downfall when she accepted a job offer from her uncle at Top Dot Records. She was hired to do whatever it took to get artists signed to his label, and she was good at it, but she soon found herself in a predicament when she decided to double dip by dating two artists on the label.

When Hype learned of her betrayal, he set out on a mission to kill both Keisha and his label mate, Bling, but the plan went off track, and her uncle Patrick paid with his life. Keisha vowed to avenge her uncle’s death, but when she came face to face with her uncle’s killer, she got cold feet. She was taken hostage by the man she had betrayed, and he sold her to the highest bidder.

Now Keisha is waking up from a coma after all that trauma. Maybe it’s a good thing she has amnesia and can’t remember what happened to her. She finds herself in the arms of her estranged husband for a while—but that is short lived, as her memory resurfaces and she realizes that she’s sleeping with the devil. Keisha seeks comfort from Bling, and as she falls in love with him, she sets out on a mission to take what she believes belongs to her. She might just be setting herself up for more drama because his wife isn’t going to give him up without a fight.