Practical Kung-Fu Street Defense: 100 Ways to Stop an Attacker in Five Moves or Less



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World-renowned Kung Fu Master Waysun “Johnny” Tsai shares his practical self defense techniques in this book, which allows one to understand and control combat distances and defense angles. Shaolin Kung Fu offers a unique understanding of violence and how to avoid conflict, yet even with these tools, situations arise that force the use of these methods. Tsai explains each move with photographs in a detailed format, explaining ways to protect oneself, read an opponent, block the assault, and injure the attacker. Techniques explained in this instructional guide include how to defend against an attacker’s punch, kick, or grab, knowing which target areas to utilize when caught in a bear hug grab, and ways to attack quickly to defend against a knife or multiple attackers. These proven methods have been used by women, executives, and FBI agents, among others, to provide personal confidence to help them defend themselves in any threatening situation.