The Case of the Ghostly Note & Other Solve-It-Yourself Whodunits: Mini Mysteries for You To Crack–Hy Conrad



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Can you solve these whodunits faster than the Mystery Brothers? Thirteen-year-old Logan and his shy little brother, Thad, always seem to figure out who stole the bake sale money or broke into the middle school. The Case of the Ghostly Note & Other Solve-It-Yourself Whodunits features fifteen original mystery stories. You’ll get to find clues and take notes as you read along, and see if you can guess “whodunit” before the brothers do.

Reason it out and then check the answers at the back of the book (which are in the form of the continued story). Follow along as the two brothers investigate foul play, stolen goodslying, and even a case or two from their police officer uncle, and see if you’re as super at sleuthing as these guys are.